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Specialised HR Services
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Specialised HR Services
Specialised HR Services (SHRS) provides integrated payroll administrative services and human resources support to small and medium-sized companies (SMME's) across South Africa; typically, those with between 10 and 100 employees on the company payroll.

We specialise in fast-growing SMME firms whose commercial success is such that they begin to outgrow their existing, in-house Payroll and Human Resources functions. Because it's in such a situation that potentially costly regulatory compliance issues emerge - issues that SHRS will help you avoid timeously and cost-effectively.

We work with SMME owners and managers across the country, but with a particular emphasis on Gauteng since this enables us to deliver the level of hands-on, personal service which accords with our company values.

Our SMME company clients range across the following business sectors: IT, Distribution, Media Advertising & Printing, Private Policing, Engineering, Research, Logistics, Beneficiation Services, Supply-Chain Management, Vehicle Repairs, Labour Brokering, Insurance, Employee Benefits, Healthcare Services, and Recruitment.

What makes SHRS different? A proven track record of giving the SMME sector the same high-quality external payroll and human resources support that traditionally has only been made available to larger enterprises. Our service includes the top-level data integrity and security that your company's management and personnel demand.

Our staff has a demonstrable ability to work successfully in a range of demanding corporate environments: from business start-up and rapid growth scenarios, to rightsizing and downsizing situations.

Our founder, Hermina Patton, has worked in human resources management for over two decades. She is well placed to understand the payroll administration and human resources issues that your firm might be facing right now.

We believe SHRS' service track record speaks for itself. So what can we do to help you integrate payroll administration and human resources functions into your company's competitive advantage?

For more information, or a no-obligation confidential discussion of your company's possible needs, please email Hermina Patton or telephone her on +27 (0)82 496 1816.


A 360-degree approach to Payroll Administration and Human Resources

SHRS's founder, Hermina Patton, has spent more than 20 years in South African human resources management - working in a range of companies listed and unlisted, large and small. At the time she decided to set up SHRS, she was HR Manager at Siltek Distribution Dynamics, the leading South African IT Distributor at the time.

Hermina clearly saw the challenges that SMME's were facing – and she realised their situation could only become more difficult as the new SA administration sought to enact an increasing amount of new labour legislation.

So she set out to create a 'boutique' Payroll Administration and Human Resources firm - a company that offered BOTH Payroll Consultancy and Human Resources Services on a single, integrated service platform, while enabling clients to choose one or the other.

Central to the SHRS approach is this: the understanding that it's not practical or efficient to offer a proper Payroll service in complete isolation from Human Resources - or vice versa.

And because SHRS was founded, from the outset, on the principles of compliance and simplicity – we continue to deliver, even over-deliver, on our promises to our clients.

In the last decade we’ve helped dozens of clients to:
  • Avoid losing money through poor, or non-existent leave management processes
  • Stop undermining staff morale by ensuring that they receive the correct salary payment, on time, every month
  • Prevent management dissatisfaction at having no proper staffing policies to work with when dealing with difficult or derelict employees
  • Lower their staff turnover by proving them with the assurance that comes with working at a firm with the correct employee policies in place
  • Reduce staff disputes and CCMA cases by ensuring that contracts and/or policies and procedures are in place, fair, legal and open for all to see
  • Benefit from the maximum grants on Skills Levies paid to government
  • Avoid the potentially enormous fines and interest charges levied on firms filing incorrect or late payments on a range of levies and taxes
Last - and perhaps most important of all – removing the burden of Payroll and HR from management's shoulders so they can get on with what they do best - creating value for their shareholders, and new jobs for the economy.

Giving SMME's access to the same Payroll and HR 'economies of scale' that larger enterprises take for granted

At SHRS, we can do all this for you at a highly competitive rate per employee. Because we provide the same specialised labour relations knowledge, the software, and the ability to navigate the maze of regulatory compliance requirements that you need, to all our customers. So you profit from our established informational 'economies of scale'.

And because we're an SMME ourselves, we know full well that the last thing you can afford is high staff overheads. We understand the small company culture, and the challenges small companies face.

We’ll even show you how to navigate the potential minefields of labour legislation so successfully, in fact, that you'll be able to turn such legislation as the Skills Development Act to your competitive advantage.

You’ll not only steer clear of any potential legal problems - you'll end up with a more productive and highly-skilled work force.

And that's a competitive advantage worth investing in, as our customers happily agree.

Find out for yourself what SHRS can do to boost your competitive advantage. Contact us today.


Our Values are quite simple:
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Simplicity
We are strongly committed to conducting our business in a decent and ethical fashion. We strive to live our values and to honour our responsibilities towards our clients, employees, the environment and the wider community.

SHRS is a member of the Ethics Institute of South Africa (MS334/08).


Since the early days of its existence, SHRS took the decision not to purchase year end / Christmas gifts for customers but rather to donate funds each year to a needy cause; some of those which have benefited in recent years include:

Children of fire (www.childrenoffire.org)
This Trust helps young survivors of burn injuries by bringing to bear the most expert and appropriate medical skills and care to children so injured. It also aims to reduce the incidence of such injuries by improving conditions in impoverished areas and through educational programmes in the communities in which they live, thus providing both prevention and cure.

Gift of the Givers Foundation (www.giftofthegivers.org)
In 2008 we donated to Gift of the Givers, a foundation that provides disaster relief and many other diverse activities that have benefited millions worldwide. Gift of the Givers was the first disaster relief organisation to respond to the xenophobia crisis when it flared up in May 2008 in Alexandra, Johannesburg.

St Columba's Presbyterian Church (www.stcolumbas.org.za)
St Columba's Presbyterian Church in Parkview, Johannesburg has an extensive Outreach Programme, details of which can be found on their website. We contribute annually to the Christmas Luncheon. On Christmas Day, in excess of 250 adults and children have a sit down, fully cooked served meal and entertainment. In addition to this, our contribution in 2007 was directed particularly at a number of destitute elderly people, providing them with groceries and essential household needs. Since 2013, we have sponsored the sweets / cool drinks / biscuits / ice creams and services to provide a special party on Christmas day for approximately 80 destitute children.

Kids Haven (www.kidshave.org.za)
From 2009 to 2012, our chosen charity (in addition to St Columbas) has been Kids Haven, which provides for the plight of street children. It has a drop-in programme, shelter, bridging school, practical skills programme, children’s homes, family re-unification and community development programmes. We provide pro bono consulting services and management training as well as financial support to the Bridging School at Kids Haven.

Specialised HR Services
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